How much does medical marijuanas cost in ohio?

Medical marijuana prices in Ohio really depend on the dispensary. Each dispensary has the right to set the price of the products as they wish. In general, higher quantities of cannabis flower are more expensive compared to other products, as well as concentrates. The prices of medical marijuana actually vary depending on the form.

Medical Marijuana Physicians of Ohio, LLC is a healthcare group with doctors certified to recommend medical marijuana and patients who qualify for an Ohio medical marijuana card. COLUMBUS — Ohio medical marijuana patients are dissatisfied with what they see as high prices and too few stores selling medical marijuana, a new survey shows. Ohio now ranks second in the number of doctors per 100,000 residents who can recommend medical marijuana. The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy prohibits medical marijuana patients from smoking or burning medical marijuana.

The first survey by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, one of three agencies that regulate Ohio's medical marijuana program, is the most extensive yet to measure patient satisfaction with the program. The high price of marijuana in Ohio dispensaries was the main reason for their continued dissatisfaction, not using authorized dispensaries and not using medical marijuana, according to the 1,326 patients who answered the survey questions. The price of medical marijuana may seem high because insurance doesn't cover it, according to Matt Close, executive director of the Ohio Medical Cannabis Industry Association. And health insurance doesn't cover medical marijuana because it's still a federally illegal substance.

The survey was conducted by 10,986 patients and 955 caregivers appointed to purchase medical marijuana on behalf of a patient. Senate Bill 261 would move dispensary regulation from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to the state Department of Commerce, creating a Marijuana Control Division and simplifying compliance for businesses that can grow, process and dispense medical marijuana as a combined operation. Finally, while about 89% of respondents reported that they would prefer to buy their marijuana from medical dispensaries if prices were similar to those from other sources, only 72% of respondents with a qualifying medical condition reported using Ohio-licensed dispensaries as their primary source of health care marijuana. COLUMBUS, Ohio — Most patients and caregivers in Ohio's medical marijuana program (58.4%) are dissatisfied with product prices, according to a recent survey.

As of September, according to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, nearly 360,000 people in Ohio had been recommended for the use of medical marijuana, but only about 130,000 had active registration and recommendations.