How much does it cost to renew a medical card in ct?

My patient registration card expires soon. What do I need to do to renew my card? A. All patients must be recertified by their physician each year before the due date, to maintain a valid record. To avoid a lapse in registration, a patient must be recertified by a doctor, access their Biznet account and provide this office with the required documentation and fees.

What is the process for changing my caregiver? Q. My caregiver registration card expires soon, what do I need to do to renew my card? A. Once the patient has been recertified and confirms that you will continue to serve as their caregiver, they will be asked to access their Biznet account and provide this office with the required fee. What is the process for re-certifying a patient? A.

A patient's certification expires one year after the date the physician certified the patient through our online registration system. As a physician, you will be asked to confirm that the patient is eligible to continue using medical marijuana, based on the same criteria you used to certify your patient by initial registration. You must contact EZMEDCARD and make an appointment during the month your card expires. You can book your renewal appointment up to 60 days before your card expires.

This process ensures that your medical marijuana certification will protect you from any challenges within the Connecticut legal system. Your Connecticut medical marijuana card is valid for one (year) from the date your doctor issued your certificate to the state. We can provide you with medical authorization forms to obtain medical records from your doctor (s) or you can collect your records from your doctors and send them to us by mail. Once their certification is renewed, the patient can continue with the online registration process necessary to obtain a medical marijuana certificate, which allows them to purchase medical marijuana at an authorized Connecticut distribution center.

We'll cover important information to help you understand how Connecticut's medical marijuana program works and how to find the right type of cannabis to best meet your needs. We will also help you prepare your application for the Department of Consumer Protection and explain the entire process to obtain your medical marijuana license. Connecticut medical marijuana law states that you can be certified for medical marijuana if you meet certain criteria.